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What are the GPS settings required for Intellislope?

For Intellislope to function correctly you need to make sure your GPS is transmitting the following NMEA sentences:

  • GGA at 5Hz or 10Hz
  • VTG at 5Hz or 10Hz (should match setting for GGA)
  • GSA at 1Hz

The BAUD RATE should be set at either 19,200 or 38,400

How to turn on NMEA messages for common receivers

Usually, once a receiver has been programmed to output NMEA it will ‘remember’ these settings so that it automatically outputs the correct information every time it is powered on. You may need to repeat these steps at the start of each season if you’ve used the GPS receiver on other equipment or installed firmware updates.


Configured Via: Greenstar Display

Method: Navigate to the StarFire menu. Press the Serial Port tab at the top, then set the Baud Rate to either 19200 or 38400. Set the output rate to 5Hz (usually it’s not possible to select 10Hz, if it is then you may use 10Hz). Check the boxes to turn on GGA, GSA, and VTG.


Configured Via: Outback Display, OR PocketMax PC Software, OR Remote Control PC software

Method: On displays, navigate to the NMEA settings and set receiver as shown above. Using Remote Control software, power on receiver and connect via serial cable. Set baud rates for ports A & B under Config settings, and set NMEA messages for ports A & B under GNSS settings.


Configured Via: Usually through FM display or Ag Remote PC Software

Method: Navigate to the GPS Configuration Settings and scroll to the port you’ll use. Set the output type to NMEA, then turn on the required NMEA messages. Suggested to ask your Trimble product specialist to help you set this up if you aren’t sure

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