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Bring New Value to your Field Data for $75/field

Do you use RTK or similar high accuracy GPS for everyday farming operations? Send us the the raw data straight from your in-cab display and we can process it into valuable maps and data layers. Use these to gain valuable insights into your fields’ drainage characteristics, enhance Ditch Assist with flow route overlays, and even design drains & test your own ideas using our free PC software. Here’s what you get:

1. Drainage ‘Flow’ Route kml Files for Ditch Assist

Load these kml files into Ditch Assist and you’ll see the way the field naturally drains overlaid on top of the background map imagery. Wherever possible, following the general routes shown when making new drains will result in the best performance and least earth moving because these are the routes the land ‘wants’ to drain via! You’d be surprised how many fields we see where the drainage is trying to go against the natural slopes!

2. Drainage Route Geo-PDF Maps for iPad/Android

Load these Geo-PDF maps into an app such as Avenza Maps on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and when you head out to the field you’ll see your GPS location right on the map! Unlike the limited layers you can load into a display, or into the Ditch Assist app, these maps are fully detailed with depression areas, flow routes, and elevation layers. Watch the video demo below:

3. Design Your Own Drainage Layouts in GSA

We are now offering the use of our custom-designed drainage design software for free. Geo Surface Analyzer (GSA) allows you to take things a step further and actually design your own drainage or test ideas you have without actually moving any dirt. We’ll provide you with the data layers required to verify required depths and grades in GSA.


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Create your own Drainage Designs

GSA allows you to quickly draw your proposed cuts on-screen and see the elevation profile.

Confirm Cut Depths & Grades

You can add your new ditch lines to the profile to see required depth and grades.

Create a Map of your Design

Create basic maps of field elevation & drainage designs

Export Design

Export your drainage design as a shapefile or kml file that can be opened in Google Earth

GSA was developed in 2011 by Simon, and is the program we’ve been using since then to design surface drainage. It was designed to meet our requirements for being able to visualize how the field naturally drains, and to allow us to draw a route along each proposed drain. We also wanted to be able to draw in multiple gradients (i.e. grade-breaks) along the route, rather than having a single grade applied, as was the case in other software we were using at the time. The result is that you can use GSA to draw a proposed drainage route, visualize the terrain profile in 3 dimensions, and then add as few or as many cut lines along the route representing where you will create drains. You can also add depth labels anywhere you wish along your drain cut lines, which helps you visualize how deep you might be as you pass through ridges or low spots, etc.
GSA is a ‘No-Frills’ drainage design program that we’ve used to design tens of thousands of acres of surface and targeted tile drainage. It’s not pretty, but it works!Simon Knutson
Because GSA uses proprietary data formats, the data you collect during fieldwork or when surveying your fields needs to be processed into a format the software will recognize. Rather than selling the full version of the program and then expecting you to figure out how to make your data work in it, we decided a better approach would be to release a lite version of the software and then charge a small amount to cover our time processing the data you send us. So, the way it works is that you collect your data (during planting, harvest, surveying etc), send us your monitor files, and tell us which field(s) you’d like to be able to design drainage for. We will take care of the rest and send you back the data layers for you to open into GSA to perform drainage design.
We don’t provide phone support for GSA. Support is via Online Forum Onlyif you want full support please purchase an alternative software such as SMS Advanced with the Water Management Module (US$2,995)
Because we are offering the program for free (and because we don’t have the manpower) we don’t offer live support. We’ve created an online forum that contains instructions on using the software, and where you can post questions or issues. There are a few unique tricks to getting the software to install and run the first time, and these are fully detailed in the forum. Just like farming, you are going to have to figure a few things out on your own if you want to get something for free!

How to Get Started

Here’s what you need to do in order to start using GSA to create your own drainage designs:


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