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Farmers Investing in Tile Drainage
Farmers looking to increase yield potential, extend planing and harvest season windows, and reduce soil nutrient losses are discovering the value of field tiling. Recent advances in technology have greatly simplified the process in terms of both designing and installing tiles, and in turn this has encouraged many farmers to invest in their own tiling equipment.

One such technology is the Intellislope® Plow Control System which allows an operator to install tile without complicated laser surveying and calculations. Instead, the operator can simply drive across the field, allowing the Intellislope to record the topography and then calculate the best-fit design for each tile to be installed. Intellislope is widely recognised as the easiest-to-use plow control system on the market, because it was designed by a farmer, for farmers!

Besides controller technology, farmers are finding that owning their own tiling equipment is a smart investment – often with payback of one year or less. The industry-leading Soil-Max Gold Digger Stealth ZD plow is used by more farmers throughout North America than any other, and for good reason; it installs tiles accurately and efficiently! Plow owners are able to conduct their tiling activities on their own schedules, and at a per-foot cost much lower than traditional tiling operations. The Soil-Max Stealth ZD pull-type plow was designed to be the easiest-pulling plow on the market, which in turn reduces field time and fuel costs allowing more acres per day to be tiled. The pull-type Soil-Max Stealth ZD plow has also proven popular with neighbors that want to cost-share on the equipment as it is simple to move between tractors.

Our customers are discovering that installing tile drainage allows them to get onto the fields earlier at seeding time, often one or two weeks earlier, which can make a huge difference given our short growing season. Soil temperatures are typically warmer in spring in well-drained soils, so germination happens sooner. And soil compaction is less of a problem when heavy equipment isn’t travelling on saturated soil. These benefits are in addition to widely published long-term average yield gains of 20-30% in tiled areas.

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